Women Fellowship / Fellowship 22

To God be the Glory that Women Fellowship of C & S Church of Georgia was established once again by our father Prophet (Dr.) S.F. Korode, General Leader and the Elders of our Mother Church in July 2018. Before the establishment of The Women’s Fellowship, the Church’s women (i.e. all women including the women’s bands) met and decided to be meeting once a month (the first Sunday of the month after Service) and to be also known as the Women’s House of Testimonies. The first meeting was held at Hibachi Grill Restaurant at Pleasant Hill Hwy, Lawrenceville on June 3rd, 2018 where we had Lunch and we interacted. 

During the pandemic of the virus, we met online every Monday. Pastor Julie Oniwinde was appointed and anointed with six other Leaders-in-Council (LIC) by Prophet Korode as Coordinator for the Women Fellowship in July 2018. The Coordinator has some executives working with her.


  • To live a true Christ-like life at all times and in all places.
  • To believe in the efficacy of prayers, fasting, and complete dependence on Jesus Christ.
  • To shine like Twinkle, Twinkle little star while we offer the good news of the Gospel to each other and all around.
  • To discipline ourselves in words, thoughts, and deeds. (Phil. 2:1 – 4; 14-15).

Women’s Fellowship – to be spiritually, educationally, and economically uplifted and be an example and at par with other Christian women that have faith and honor with God and Jesus Christ

Meeting Details & Other Activities

The LIC in 2022 asked the Women Fellowship Coordinator to give the women bands – Joy and Queen Esther a chance to develop and function. Therefore the Women Fellowship/Fellowship 22 is now meeting Quarterly on the Church’s prayer line.

Coordinator – Pastor (Mrs.) Julie Oniwinde
Secretary – Deaconess Funke Soyinka
Adviser – Deaconess Janet Olotu
Women Connect and Meeting Gallery