Joy Band is part of Women’s ministry. The other band is called the Queen Esther Band. So, basically, there are two bands under the Women’s Ministry – Joy Band and Queen Esther Band.


Joy Band was carved out of the women’s fellowship to cater to women under 50 years of age. The vision of Joy Band as a unit of the church, is to become a gathering of God-fearing women where members are free to serve God, pray, interact, encourage, inspire, build, and empower each other spiritually, economically, and morally as we worship God in the beauty of His Holiness. We encourage females of marriageable age to join the band where we worship God in truth and in spirit, we also engage ourselves in activities that glorify the name of the Lord.

Meeting Details & Other Activities

The band holds monthly prayer meetings every first Sunday of the month where we all gather to pray for our family, the church, and the society. Band members take turns to lead others before the Lord, and we have received testimonies of what the Lord is doing.

The band also holds quarterly activities where we visit the homeless, pray with patients in the hospital, and host social activities for our children. The purpose is to create an environment where we can fellowship together in one accord.

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